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 What we want from you!

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PostSubject: What we want from you!   Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:42 am

Well lets start off by saying people are very welcome in the Alpha clan and it is a great gaming community to be a part of. However there are a few things we look for and a few things we will not tolerate:

Things we look for in our members....

1 - A medium to high online activity (also on the forum)

2 - A reasonable amount of experience in the game is preferred but some n00bs can be trained Wink

3 - We like to see a good positive attitude in our members and they should be there to help one another, when possible.

4- Lastly of course HAVE FUN

Things we will not tolerate from our members:

1 - Any admin abuse on our servers (for example - kick/ban without warning, or general slaying or bombing players because you are bored)

2 - Any hacking (eg - aimbot or wallhack)

3 - Flaming (do not swear or abuse people no matter the circumstance unless you are joking with them and they know you are not trying to abuse them). Obviously we do not forbid you from having a laugh with your mates and what have you, Im always swearing at fellow clan members and calling them n00bs Wink but they love it Razz

4 - Respect the admin, we are fair and a good laugh but respect our decisions and we will respect you as players.

Hope to see the Alpha Clan grow with new members and new talent

PoW3r Very Happy
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What we want from you!
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